Proper Brake Drum Installation Certification Test

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1. If needed, Hub-Piloted 2-piece flange nuts and M22 studs may be used with Stud-Piloted or Ball-Seat Wheels?


2. For a Stud-Piloted mounting system, the brake drum is centered on the hub by which feature(s)?


3. Which mounting system(s) requires 2 drops of 30 weight oil on the last 2 or 3 stud threads?

4.For Hub-Piloted and Stud-Piloted 10 Stud Mounting Systems, which of the following is the correct tightening sequence?

Refer to diagram above and choose proper letter.


5. For Hub-Piloted M22 Studs and Stud-Piloted ¾” and 1-1/8” studs, the corresponding nuts should be tightened to within which torque range?

    1. 250 – 325 ft-lbs
    2. 450 – 500 ft-lbs
    3. 750 – 900 ft-lbs

6. After any wheel-end installation, industry consensus recommends to check torque values how often?


7. Before tightening the nuts of a 10 stud wheel-end assembly, ensure that one of the hub’s brake drum pilot pad is in which position?

Refer to diagram at right and choose proper position.


8. For a Stud-Piloted mounting system, which wheel-end component(s) are actually centered on the nuts/studs?


9. The bolt holes in brake drums serve what purpose?


10 How important is a regularly scheduled maintenance program to the performance of a vehicle?


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