Proper Brake Drum Selection Certification Test

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1. Are all 16.5x7" brake drums designed to perform the same in ALL applications?

2. Choosing the incorrect drum for an application could lead to:

3. To function properly during a braking event, a brake drum must be able to:

4. The GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) is the only factor to ever consider when selecting a brake drum?

5. When selecting the proper brake drum for your application, you must always consider the duty cycle.

6. Though there are many variables to consider, which of the following could affect duty cycle?

7. All things being equal, a lighter brake drum can manage more heat than a heavier brake drum.

8. Choosing the appropriate brake drum for your application can save money by decreasing your operational cost per mile.

9. If replacing a 120lb brake drum, it can easily be replaced with a 105lb brake drum regardless of application.

10. A brake drum with increased heat dissipation (i.e. Webb Vortex Unlimited, Webb High Performance) provides what advantage(s)?


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